Ashleigh Magee's Pledge

Ashleigh has pledged to adhere to a set of ethical standards commonly shared around the world, and to be held accountable to those values through our organizational review.

If we learn of an issue to be resolved, we ask her to live up to her pledge and rectify the challenge. We offer conflict resolution and she must serve those values to remain in our organization.  

We hope you appreciate these qualities and consider hiring her to serve your long term health goals. 

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I will be honest in my recommendations, services, and opinions. I will not intentionally mislead my clients.


I run my business and my life according to my moral code. I will do what I believe is right, stick to my word, and make sure my clients are always taken care of.

Promise-Keeping and Trustworthiness

I will keep promises I make and will not make promises I cannot keep. Successful coaching relies upon a relationship of mutual trust and respect. I strive to foster that relationship through my actions and words.


I uphold client confidentiality. I will honor my relationships with business partners and take no actions that would jeopardize their success.

Share the big news

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.


I am committed to treating all people equally and justly. I will admit when I am wrong and take any actions required to make it right.

Concern for Others

This is the cornerstone of my practice. My coaching is based on my desire to help others break through barriers and achieve their goals. I make recommendations based on my client’s needs, not my own.


I offer respect to everyone.

Law Abiding

I will obey all laws applicable to my business.

Commitment to Excellence

I strive to be prepared for my client work so we can have productive sessions. I am constantly learning so I can improve my ability to help others.